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Skip to 0 minutes and 2 seconds -this person is. With the deep sound of an uncle’s voice, this person is shy and eager to please. From one birthday to the next, this person is animal-loving and kind. Amongst the chatter of children in the hall, this person sits still but is free-spirited. Even in the sunshine and the mountain air, this person is reluctant. At her youngest, and with the creak of snow underfoot, this person is lonely, yet smiles.

Shots in Sequence: making a film from stills

Now that you have sequenced your photographs and written a poem, we’re going to look at how you can create a simple short film and bring those words to life.

For this section you’ll be using the photographs you collated in Step 2.5 and the poem you wrote in Step 2.6, so make sure you have them to hand.

We’ll look at how you can insert still images into an editing programme and add voiceovers and other effects to produce your short film.

Firstly though, let’s watch the video above. You’ll recognise the images from the previous steps and notice that we’ve used the example poem as the narrative voice for the piece.

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