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Notes from learners on successes and failures
Share your successes and failures throughout this course with our gallery

Gallery of success and failures

Throughout this course there will be many opportunities for both successes and failures. To get the most from the experience please take every opportunity to celebrate and share your successes, whilst embracing and learning from the failures.

Share your images with Google Photos

You can post your images and short videos to our gallery of your makes, mishaps and marvels. Simply join our teaching physical computing with python and Raspberry Pi album and upload your media. If you are not sure how to do this, review Google Photos Help for more guidance.

Reflect on your learning

Use the comments to share your thoughts on what you learned this week. What went well, and what did you find tricky? You might also like to ask others on the course for support, feedback and advice on the hardware, components and code that you’ve used.

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