Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsHello, my name is Dr. Peta-Anne Zimmerman, and I'm the lead educator on this course. Assisting me with the course will be associate professor Dr. Thea van de Mortel, and we'll be leading you through the course, Plagues, Pestilence, and Pandemics. Are you ready? Thea and I both have had leadership positions in the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control. We have direct international experience and expertise in the management, containment, and prevention of infectious diseases. Over the next two weeks, we will build a shared understanding of infectious diseases, covering everything from the bubonic plague to the current and emerging threat of global health pandemics. We will also explore the threat that antimicrobial resistance poses to global health.

Skip to 0 minutes and 53 secondsA must-watch this week is our conversation with Dr. Gerard, director of infectious diseases at Queensland's Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service. Dr. John Gerard talks about the specific issues we face in our fight against infectious diseases. This course offers an opportunity to learn the basics of infection prevention and control. For health care professionals, this course is a great professional development opportunity to increase your understanding of infections in a health care setting and community setting. During the two weeks, we'll be asking you to share your own experiences and opinions about infectious diseases, and the role you can play in containing and preventing pandemics. So thank you for joining us on this course, and we look forward to working with you.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to Plagues, Pestilence and Pandemics: Are you Ready? Meet the lead educator for the course, Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman. In this video Peta-Anne gives you an overview of the journey that you will take in this course.

Your learning journey in this course

The course will run over two weeks. In the first week, we will be looking at the science of infection and disease and we will be talking a lot about infectious agents, their class, type, characteristics, and how they spread. But don’t worry, we will be explaining all the technical information in very simple terms so that you get a good understanding and foundation for the material that will follow in Week 2. We have also provided a glossary of all the technical terms and those that might be unfamiliar to you.

Week 2 is all about containment and prevention of infectious diseases. This is when it comes closer to home as you look at practical ways in which you can get involved in prevention and containment of infectious diseases.

Meet the team

You are in expert hands in this course with the lead educator Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman and educator Associate Professor Thea van de Mortel.

Lead Educator: Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman

Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman

Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman is an internationally respected clinician, educator and researcher in infection prevention and control. Her expertise has led her to work extensively in China, South-East Asia and the South Pacific, directly on outbreak responses, and the development of comprehensive infection prevention and control programmes and integration of public health and acute care responses in infectious disease emergencies in low and middle income countries. Peta-Anne is currently the Program Director for the Graduate Infection Prevention and Control Program at Griffith University. Her research interests include infection prevention and control in emergency settings, pop-culture pedagogy, low resource setting healthcare, healthcare worker safety and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Educator: Professor Thea van de Mortel

Professor (Dr) Thea van de Mortel

Professor Thea van de Mortel is a registered nurse with a clinical background in intensive care nursing with a strong interest in the biosciences and an Honours degree in Biology. She has combined these areas of expertise to teach and research in the areas of microbiology, pathophysiology and infection prevention and control across three universities.

Through her roles as Bachelor of Nursing Program Director at two universities and her current role as Acting Head of School (Learning and Teaching), she has conducted research to inform learning and teaching quality and curriculum design, and has a track record of consultancies in education. Professor van de Mortel currently teaches microbiology, and infection prevention and control for community and public health in the Griffith University Graduate Infection Prevention and Control program.

Mentor: Stephanie Hansen

Stephanie is a research assistant with a Masters of Health Practice with Honours majoring in Infection Control. Her dissertation regarding infection control in non-healthcare workplaces has resulted in two published journal articles.

Your Task

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