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Summary of the course

Throughout the five weeks of this course, we hope that you’ve developed and deepened your understanding of how you can plan to support the learning of all your students.

We have looked and seen exemplified by our teachers ideas for how you can plan to open up the classroom so that learning becomes more visible to the learners, and we know you will take, adapt and develop further ideas of your own to help you with this.

We have explored strategies for how you can plan to elicit evidence of your students’ thinking so you can be better informed as to how you can respond to your students and be more aware of their needs.

Planning for this day-to-day and longer term use of assessment can help you ‘listen in’ to your students, and as you become more attuned and better at inferring what their responses are telling you, you will become more able to deepen their understanding and develop thinking.

Research shows that it’s high-quality, formative assessment like this that helps improve students learning and progress. We want to encourage you that the ideas we have explored will help you and your students become better learners.

None of this is quick to do, and all of it takes planning, practice and critical reflectiveness from us as educators. However, it really is worth persevering with.

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Planning for Learning: Formative Assessment

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