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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second DYLAN: We hope as we come towards the end of our course that you’ve now been able to try a number of different ideas related to how you can plan for learning to help you identify students’ starting points, be better placed to infer what students’ responses are indicating about their understanding, so that you can become more responsive during lessons and in your teaching and longer term planning. Now would be a good time to explore how your learners feel about learning in this way. Your next task is to devise and give a questionnaire so your learners tell you how they feel about the changes you have made in your classroom.

Skip to 0 minutes and 38 seconds This might also be a good point for you to return to and update your reflection grid.

What do your students think?

In this step Dylan suggests devising a questionnaire to gather and reflect on your students’ perceptions related to changes you have implemented as a consequence of undertaking this course. In the next step we will provide ideas for questions you may wish to ask your students.

What would you ask your students?

Before we show you a sample questionnaire, we would like you to share what you would ask your students about your own teaching practice.

In the comments below post one or two questions you might ask to inform your own approach to planning for learning.

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