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Audio challenge

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Make something new

This is a creative challenge. Imagine you have chosen the topic ‘travel’ for your next episode. You have collected the following audio interviews (found at the bottom of the step) and it is now your job to produce a unique and creative audio excerpt. The length is up to you and so is what you draw out of the interviews.


Listen to the audio attached to the end of the step and download

To listen - click on the file at the end of the step under downloads:

Click on the file to listen

Then click the three dots to download that file to your computer:

Tips for how to download

  1. Analyse which part of the audio you will use. You may choose to use all of it or just a small amount. Think engaging! Think sound quality
  2. Decide if you will add the voice of a host to pull the audio together and record that
  3. Plan how you will layer and organise the interview snippets you have chosen
  4. Decide on software that you will use to edit your piece together (software you already have, Audacity or that free trial you were wanting to try)
  5. Select fitting, royalty-free music and/or sound effects which best suit your piece from our sound library. Alternatively, you can create your own music or find other royalty-free music.
  6. Edit your piece together
  7. Share it on our playlist
  8. Have a listen to what others have created from the same original audio

Hot tip: due to everybody starting with the same interview audio for this challenge, it is important to work out how to put your own spin on what you produce.


Share your creation on our Playlist. Take some time to comment on what your fellow learners have created.

Conversation starter

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