How do you share the results?

PPS results should be used to create a report or output to allow the data to be shared locally in or in some cases published.

A variety of formats are suitable and the option chosen will depend on the intended audience.

Managers and policy makers will most likely require a written report giving a high level summary of the PPS results highlighting areas of good practice, compare to previous PPS or to other hospitals, and also areas where improvements are required.

As with all stewardship initiatives management support is crucial to effect change so by sharing PPS results with managers this will support the Antimicrobial Team in engaging clinical teams to improve practice.

A PowerPoint slide presentation is a good format to share results with clinicians and this should include charts to illustrate the results where possible.

Large international PPS will produce reports and often interactive on-line outputs as well as journal publications. PPS of antibiotic use are often combined with PPS of Healthcare Associated Infections such as those coordinated by ECDC.

Examples of PPS reports are available below:

Health Protection Agency “English National Point Prevalence Survey on Healthcare-associated Infections and Antimicrobial Use, 2011

Scottish National Point Prevalence Survey of Healthcare Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Prescribing 2016

Scottish HALT survey 2017

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