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Review of the week

Congratulations on completing this week.

This week, we’ve discussed the health policy development process as a framework for policy formulation and analysis.

We looked at how health policy goes through the process of problem identification, policy analysis and option development, implementation and evaluation. In the real world, these stages may not be distinct as many feedback loops blur the demarcation along these processes.

In the next course, we’ll look at the role of power in policy design and implementation. You’ll explore concepts such as commissioning in health and politics and power in commissioning.

We will end this course with a summary, based on a quote by Fuchs (1994):

Changes in health policy are no different to changes in any other form of policy in that they are purposeful acts taken in political decision making.

Your task

Was there anything surprising for you in this week’s content?

Share your thoughts in the comments area.


Fuchs, V. (1994). The Future of Health Policy. Harvard University Press

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