Sometimes you need a period of quiet reflection on site
Sometimes you need a period of quiet reflection on site

Interpreting the Imperial Palace: your synthesis and your analysis

For this final activity we would like you to reflect on the information we have provided during the course about the Imperial Palace. You will write a short piece of text that will be reviewed by one or more other learners. There are no specific right answers - we simply want you to reflect on the information in your own way, and share your thoughts through whatever style of text you prefer.

In order to complete this assignment you will submit your piece of written work via the next step. We suggest that you submit an absolute maximum of 300 words, but you may equally submit a couple of sentences, a paragraph, or if you prefer write substantially more. That is also why we ask you not to spend more than 30 minutes.

The exercise is designed to give you an opportunity to express your thoughts in a way that has more flexibility than the comments. Otherwise you should treat it just the same as writing a comment.

The peer review is there to allow you to think about how another learner has thought about the issues, and to provide them with your thoughts in response. Again, there is no formality to this and we expect only constructive, positive responses and a sharing of ideas. FutureLearn is focused on different kinds of learning and we hope that peer review offers a new opportunity.

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