A red letterbox against a backdrop of greens.
This red letterbox stands out boldly against a complementary green backdrop

'Glorious technicolor' show-and-tell

It is time for some colourful self-expression!

We asked you to keep a visual record of any interesting colour applications or combinations you spotted in the run up to the course and in Week 1.

You might accidentally have stumbled across and photographed a noteworthy mix of colours – a spontaneous still life.

Or maybe you have a photo of a painting or artwork you have created.

Your eye might have been caught by a pattern on a textile or on other manufactured product, or maybe you have recorded seasonal colour from nature.

You may wish to share commercial use of colour in branding, advertising or logos.

Share your images

Upload and share your images and comments on this Padlet board. Can you suggest the theory underlying the colour harmony you have found? Add this information to the comments on your Padlet note if you can.

Update 26 October: Your enthusiastic contributions to the board above have made it hard to load for some of you. If you have difficulty, please contribute to our second Padlet board!

You can find out more about how to use Padlet here.

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