Brightly coloured contemporary architecture in central London
St Giles High Street, a development by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, photo by Michel Denancé

Pin a colour to your location

What colour do you associate with your block, your city, your region or your nation?

What colour is your front door or window frames? Is there a ‘default’ colour used in your neighbourhood that defines the local attitude to colour? Do your neighbours choose fully-saturated colour for clothes, possessions, and property, or is it more common to see shades, tints and tones of colour when you are out and about?

This week we will be showing you colourful areas of London. However, generally speaking, across London more muted choices tend to dominate, and in some residential areas pale, shaded colours are a fashionable choice.

In this step, we encourage you to pick a colour to represent your location, and visit the linked map and pin this colour to your location. If you wish, you can also share an image via a web link or by uploading a file.


To add your location:

  1. Click on the link to the map.

  2. In the toolbar at the top, click on ‘Additions’.

  3. Select ‘Add Marker - Detailed’.

  4. In the ‘Location’ tab, enter the name of your city and country, or click on the map to select your location. Then, select your colour from the drop-down ‘Marker’. Pick a colour that represents local levels of colour saturation where you live.

  5. If you wish, in the ‘Media’ tab, you can upload a photo or add a web link to an image.

  6. Hit submit!

Note: We recommend that you do not add your complete name or address for security reasons.

Go to the interactive map

When you have added your location, click the ‘back’ button in your browser to return to the course.

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