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A field of yellow flowers
Nature-inspired colour

Confident colour use

This week we have considered how designers, architects and artists use abstract concepts to inspire them when creating original combinations of colour with a particular brief in mind.

We invite you to try out one of the colour extraction apps recommended in the ‘Harnessing Technology’ article, and to upload the colour palette produced. You will probably need a laptop or desktop computer to complete this task.

First, find an image with a colour bias that appeals to you. This might be an image that combines colours that you particularly like, or perhaps one that inspires a desired mood. You can use a photograph that you have taken, or search social media or other image-based sites for something inspirational. Save this image locally on your computer so that you can upload it to the app of your choice.

Take a screen shot of the resultant palette of extracted colours, and share your images and comments on this Padlet board.

In addition, or if you have any difficulties with colour extraction, you can also upload the original mood image to Padlet.

You can find out more about how to use Padlet here.

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