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Educator's Summary for Week 2

Thank you all for another productive week on The Power of Colour!

We presented you with technological challenges this week, and well done to those of you who persevered with Padlet - the boards produced are full of lovely images. You will be able to use these images again – or introduce new ones – next week when we look for abstract inspiration and try colour extraction tools.

Between us, colour extraction work was many learners’ favourite part of the course during the last run, and I strongly recommend you give this a try!

Step 2.6 on Colour Symbolism provoked fascinating debate this week. I strongly recommend a visit to the comments on this step, which introduce a wealth of additional material – as you would expect when residents of 149 countries meet to discuss the cultural significance of colour!

In particular we are grateful to Yan Xu who corrected and contextualised our article with respect to the significance of pink in China and, again on the subject of pink, for material presented relating to Korean cultural interpretation by Sunette Labuschagne.

Similarly, many of you brought thought-provoking insights to the comments on Step 2.8. Please do catch up on these if you have time.

So, I hope you found this week’s material fun; we have certainly enjoyed your input, and here are some examples of learner comments and recommendations that caught our attention during Week 2

Alvaro Fdez shared a link to a poster with a very clear graphical presentation of colour theory

Julie Hawkey and Ruth Heath jointly brought our attention to this BBC Horizon programme. Thank you Julie (and Ruth) this is a very interesting film – it is nearly an hour long, but we recommend watching if you can spare the time.

We enjoyed your references to artists working with colour, Jane Thompson recommends Lottie Jackson-Eeles to us. Which reminded me that I really should raise awareness of the work of James Turrell in case you are unfamiliar with it.

This course is brought to you by the KLC School of Design, and by Livingetc magazine. Our friends at Livingetc have produced a free interior style guide, click here to access this. It may take a little while to download as it is an image-heavy, 114 page special issue.

This weekend please continue to look out for and photograph interesting colour combinations.

Next week course materials become a bit more creative and conceptual as we:

  • reveal the tips and tricks that designers use to access new and creative colour inspiration

  • discover how to use colour to create ‘mood’

We hope to see you then - have a great weekend, and don’t forget to take your camera with you wherever you go!

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