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Welcome to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3. If you’ve only just joined the course, why not click ‘To do’ at the top of the page to catch up on Week 1 and Week 2.

This week you’ll explore the importance of reading during your academic studies. By reading around your subject, you’ll be able to demonstrate your understanding of the topic and related literature when you come to complete your academic assessments. You’ll start the week by considering the different types of academic reading and how you can find and read texts effectively.

One of the ways to read effectively is to make the best use of the tools available to you - which includes your university library. You may already know that a university library is the place to go to find a particular book, but were you aware that university libraries also offer access to thousands of online journal articles and study support? You’ll hear about the wide range of services on offer later this week.

Don’t forget to add notes to your reflective journal as you work through this week.

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