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Preparing for Teaching

Prepare for a career in teaching by learning what makes a teacher and reflecting on your own experiences of education.

Preparing for Teaching
  • Duration3 weeks
  • Weekly study2 hours
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Discover the world of teaching

Are you considering a career in teaching? If yes, this is the course for you.

On the course you will reflect on your own experience of education and discover what being a teacher actually involves. You’ll learn about all the different things that make a great teacher and what knowledge and skills you might need when you enter the classroom.

This course is an ideal starting point, or warm up, before beginning a formal teacher training course. It will give you a sense of teaching and help you explore your own preconceptions of what teaching is.

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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 secondsWelcome to the course Preparing for Teaching. This course is suitable for anyone thinking of teaching as a career. The course will encourage you to think about teaching in a different way to how you may have done in the past. Allowing you to make the transition from being a learner, to being an educator yourself. I work at the Faculty of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. Where we nurture students from all walks of life to become teachers in all sorts of different settings. We work with a huge number of education partners, including primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and specialist settings. We know exactly the sort of things that you need to consider before applying to teacher training.

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 secondsWhen you complete this course you will be able to make a more thoughtful and informed application to teacher training courses. This course is supported throughout by one of our recently qualified teachers, Skeena. Skeena knows exactly what it is like to have applied and successfully completed teacher training. And in this course, she works with some of her wonderful pupils to tell us exactly what she wishes she'd know before she first started. The course is also supported by a wonderful selection of our teacher educators here at Manchester Metropolitan. They have shared some of their expert advice to help you in your development.

Skip to 1 minute and 40 secondsThe course concludes with you developing your own plan of action should you decide that teaching is the profession for you. We really hope that this will be the case, and you will see what a rewarding and valuable career teaching is. And that this course will be the first step on your successful journey into becoming a fantastic teacher of the future.


  • Week 1

    From 20 Apr 2020

    What makes teaching exciting?

    • What makes a good teacher?

      The purpose of the course and how it will help those who complete it

    • What makes good teaching?

      What makes outstanding teaching and learning and some of the controversy around defining such a concept

    • What does learning sound like?

      Start to transfer your thinking to an actual classroom environment by listening to a conversation between a teacher and pupils

    • Developing your view

      What makes a good teacher

    • Reflections on Week 1

      Reflect on the weeks learning

  • Week 2

    From 27 Apr 2020

    How to 'see' in the classroom

    • Welcome to Week 2

      An introduction to the week, how teachers interact with pupils and the terminology used

    • Observing and discussing teaching as a professional

      Professionalism within education and good practice in educational research around ethical issues

    • The professional language of teaching

      The use of labels and terminology in observing lessons

    • Classroom management in schools

      Lesson observation and the importance of behaviour management

    • What would you do? How beginning teachers can already think about classroom management

      Think about different ways of viewing classroom interaction, and classroom management

    • Planning for positive classrooms

      Start to develop further your ability to move from observations to thinking about practice.

    • Reflections on Week 2

      Reflect on the weeks learning

  • Week 3

    From 4 May 2020

    Developing your philosophy of education

    • Welcome to Week 3

      The philosophy of education and becoming a successful teacher

    • How are different schools structured?

      Reflect on your own educational experience and consider different approaches and structures to schools.

    • What is the purpose of school?

      The origins of school and how the structures have developed

    • What subjects are taught in schools?

      Subject knowledge

    • How to apply for teacher training

      Applying for teacher training

    • Final Reflection

      Final thoughts on your learning and preparedness for applying to train as a teacher

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What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

  • Identify the attributes and skills of good teachers.
  • Reflect on how teaching can be 'measured'.
  • Explore how teachers manage classrooms.
  • Discuss different approaches to managing behaviour in classrooms.
  • Compare school structures and different types of schools.
  • Explore how your own experience of education has influenced your views of schools.
  • Design an action plan to move into a career in teaching.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who is interested in teaching and want to become a teacher in the future. It’s suitable for learners of any age and from anywhere, as it takes a global perspective on teaching.

Who will you learn with?

Ellie Overland

Ellie Overland

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Education and have been teaching more years than I care to remember!
I love all things in education technology and trying to predict how teaching will develop in the future.

Richard Dunk

Richard Dunk

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, a Governor at Calderdale College, and have worked in many different schools around the UK. Education is immensely important!

Jo Baynham

Jo Baynham

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Met. I love working with students of all ages and watching them learn new things. No day is the same and you never know what is going to happen next!

Mark Sackville-Ford

Mark Sackville-Ford

I am a Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’m fascinated by the ways that we frame 'behaviour' in schools and how alternative approaches can disrupt the discourses.

Who developed the course?

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Met University has a driving ambition to discover and disseminate knowledge and make higher education as accessible and beneficial to all those with the passion and ability to succeed.

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