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Self assessment questionnaire

Have a look at the following questions and note down which answers apply to you.

A) Which statement refers to how you coped with the referencing exercises?

  1. I found it all relatively straight forward.
  2. I get the idea of referencing but I sometimes get a bit muddled.
  3. I don’t get it at all, it is all very confusing.

B) In the self-assessment exercise how did you do?

  1. All my answers matched the suggested solution.
  2. I matched with some of the suggested solutions.
  3. I didn’t get much right at all.

C) How confidently could you defend your decisions about where to put references when they differed from the suggested answer?

  1. My answers all matched the suggested ones and I was confident about my decisions.
  2. I knew why I had suggested specific parts of the article needed references. I feel confident about my decisions.
  3. I really had no idea why I suggested certain sections needed referencing, I just guessed.

D) Thinking back to the seminar at the beginning of the week’s lesson how do you feel about the discussion on the issues relating to plagiarism?

  1. I agree that it is wrong to take someone else’s work and my work will suffer if I use other people’s words in my essays.
  2. I agree it is wrong to take the work of others and pass it off as your own, but not that it harms me to take someone else’s work.
  3. I don’t think it matters if you plagiarise because it is just the degree class you get that is important.


If you chose mostly 1s, then you are doing well and have the right attitude.

If you chose mostly 2s you are in a category with most other students at your stage, and many who are in their first semester at university. You just need to continue working on these skills so you can be fully prepared before you arrive at university.

If you found yourself answering mostly 3s you might need to have another go at this week’s lesson and try and take on board the messages of this lesson. Plagiarism is extremely serious at university. Students have been thrown off their courses because of it, so you need to understand what it is all about before you start your course.

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