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Gina’s first draft

I’m a sixth form student studying chemistry, history and psychology. I like all of these subjects, but have now decided that I want to study psychology at university because I like thinking about people and why they do things.

When I looked up psychology courses at university psychology fits in with my interests and I think I could be really good at it at university and that it might be helpful for me in the future.

I’m usually very busy and am also good at helping people. I did a lifeguarding course last summer which definitely proves this, and I get on well with my younger brother and other people which I think shows that I’m a people person.

I’m also really busy because I do a lot of things out of school. I play lots of football, and would be a real help to your uni’s women’s football team because I play left back and most teams don’t have many defenders and so I’d be very useful. I also play the trumpet and got my grade 6 last year, and love playing in the jazz band at school because its so friendly and I like team things. I worked very hard for my trumpet exam. I also have a job babysitting for my mum’s friend who has two small kids.

I am very well travelled and might want to take a gap year. I really liked visiting Spain and Greece with my family and we went to a few museums which were interesting. Actually, I mainly like travelling because I get to see how other people live and would like to do more of this.

I’m working on my extended project right now which I think is going to be on the history of medicine. We did a topic on this in GCSE history and I got very good marks in it and think it could go well. The other thing I might have done my project on is about the sort of thing that Oliver Sacks writes about in his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. I read it over the holidays and it made me think a lot about different people and how we all have our own characters and ways of doing things. I read a lot, especially fiction in my spare time.

I’d really like to come to your university and study psychology, and I think I’d be a really good student that you’d definitely want to have. I promise I would work hard and would also help your sports teams.

  • What are your initial thoughts on what Gina has written?
  • Did she include the points that you thought she would include?
  • How might it be improved?

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