Summary and thinking about next week

This week has all been about academic currency. Academics have ideas and write about them. They are judged by their peers and the wider community by the quality of these ideas and what they write about them. Hopefully you have developed an understanding of this process and why it is so serious to take someone’s ideas or words, and pass them off as your own. You will also have learnt why this is not only poor practice, but it deprives you of a part of your own learning.

Students find referencing very difficult and many decisions about what to reference, and where to reference, can be very subjective. As you move through the education system you will become more aware of the issues surrounding referencing, and become more practiced at it. It will almost certainly be taught at length when you arrive at university. The lesson here should give you a head start.

The way in which academics work and think will vary depending on their discipline. Over the next two weeks you will study two types of analysis. In week 4 you will look at data analysis and in week 5 you will look at textual analysis. It is important to find out about yourself and how you think about studying and what sort of information is the most exciting for you. Next week you will explore how data can be used to develop an argument, and also explore how you feel about playing with numbers.

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