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Introducing the simulation platform: tutorial

Welcome back to the course. This week we’ll start with an exciting learning game on our online pricing simulation platform.

This pricing simulation game will let you experiment with pricing in a life-like environment. It is provided by our partner Economics Games.

In this game, you are in charge of an airline. You will have to take pricing decisions while having a fixed capacity of seats to sell. On the departure date, unsold seats will be lost.

How much profit will you make?

Before letting you play for real (next step), this tutorial step will allow you to familiarise yourself with the simulation platform and with the principles of the game. You start with an initial cash of €50,000 and your goal is to make a profit, that is to finish the game with more than €50,000.

Log into the simulation platform

  • In order to play the game while staying logged in FutureLearn platform, the simulation platform should be open in a new tab or in a new window of your favourite browser.
  • Access the Tutorial game session by right clicking on the link hereunder:


  • You are now logged into the pricing simulation platform, and a new game has been created for you.

Manage your profile

Go to Edit profile, and choose the name of your airline in the Edit Team Name tab. Don’t forget to click on the Validate button!

If you want to exit the platform and retrieve your current game afterwards, you can also set up a new login/password (else a new game will be generated each time you log into the game session).

As the games proposed in this course are quite quick (less than 30 minutes), login is not mandatory, except for the last session in week 4 (step 4.3), which will be graded.

  • in the Edit Login tab, enter your id, then click on the Validate button
  • in the Edit Password tab, enter your password (twice), then click on the Validate button

It will be easy then to retrieve your game by opening directly the login page.

Play the game

Click the Go back to the game big blue button, and just play!

In this scenario, you have to choose a pricing strategy for your planes departing in three months’ time. For the purpose of this game, all tickets are return trips. There are no one-way flights available to your customers. You have 1200 tickets for sale, corresponding to three round-trips of a plane which seats 400.

For each round, you have to choose the ticket prices for flights that will leave at a given date (in exactly 3 months’ time). You have the opportunity to set the prices at three given dates:

  • three months before departure;
  • six weeks before departure;
  • two weeks before departure.

A round In a round, you have to set the prices at three given dates (Click to expand).

Each year, there are two pricing rounds , corresponding to peak and off-peak periods for the flights, each requiring three pricing decisions to be made. In the peak period (first round of the year), demand is expected to be higher than in the off-peak period (second round) where less people are willing to travel.

A year There are two pricing rounds (peak and off-peak periods) each year (Click to expand).

A good strategy to get started is to take some decisions without overthinking them, and observe the result. Do not pay too much attention to the costs in this tutorial.

Hints and instructions are provided at each stage of the game.

LAUNCH THE TUTORIAL SESSION (right click to open in a new tab)
Open the LOGIN PAGE if you have a game on the go.

Ready to move on?

Once you feel at ease with the game principles and the platform interface, jump to the next step, for a real game over 3 years.

This game is provided by our partner Economics Games: Online Classroom Games for Teaching Economics (http://economics-games.com/) Economics Games logo

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