Skip to 0 minutes and 14 secondsYou need to buy a ladder. How're you going to get it home? It's long and thin and flat - it's not going to fit through your letterbox. You've seen a bicycle online. You're gonna buy it. But how does the distribution company get it to you. A bicycle is an interesting thing. It's got parts like handlebars that stick out, pedals which also stick out. It has moving parts like wheels and oily parts like gears and chains. You're hungry, you fancy a pizza. If you order it from a restaurant how do they get it to you hot? If you buy it from a supermarket freezer how do you get it home still frozen?

Skip to 0 minutes and 59 secondsThese are the challenges that the distribution companies face every day. In this short course we will cover the difference between logistics and supply chain management, the supply chain river, elements of logistics and the importance of physical characteristics. In addition, we will look at the forces behind globalisation, the movement of international trade, the importance of trade blocs and their effect on how we design a global distribution network. So, think about physical characteristics, how do they shape global distribution networks and... welcome to the course.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to Principles of Global Logistics Management.

Here, Nick Wright introduces the course and outlines the areas to be discussed over the next two weeks.

We look forward to exploring these topics with you, and to providing you with the tools to understand how you might improve your own area of practice.

This short course is the introductory two-week course to the Global Distribution Networks program, which forms part of the MSc in Global Logistics online degree at Coventry University, delivered via FutureLearn.

Meet the team

Your lead educator is Nick Wright, senior lecturer in logistics at Coventry University.

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Your task

In the video, we ask:

How do physical characteristics shape global distribution networks?

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