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Skip to 0 minutes and 15 seconds Hello, everyone, let us introduce a new course that is going to start by Taipei Medical University. This is a lecture on clinical pharmacy, serial number 5. And in this course, we will focus on critical consideration in literature evaluation. I am Professor Shawn Chen, at College of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University. And this course, as focusing on literature evaluation in clinical pharmacy practice, especially for those who have your clinical expertise in your specialty, and also for those who work for drug information service. And so from this series of course I hope you will now be ready to attend this course. So thank you for your listening today.

Course overview

Hello, Learners! Welcome to our clinical pharmacy series. I am Prof. Shawn Chen, the main educator of this course.

Joining me on this course are the following international instructors:

Mary Ferrill, Pharm D., Visiting Professor of School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University

Yen Ying Lee, Clinical Pharmacist in Shuang-Ho Hospital, Adjunct Assistant Professor of School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University

In this course, you will learn critical consideration in leisure evaluation. This course is mainly for those who specialize in and work for drug information service.

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I hope you enjoy your learning!

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Evidence-Based Medicine in Clinical Pharmacy Practice

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