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Are you prejudiced?

We’ve looked at our approach to a consultation, and now we’ll look at what influences this.

Perspective is important

Which way is the bus travelling?


Primary school children all over the UK were shown this picture and asked this question. 90% of them gave this answer:

‘The bus is travelling to the right’

Their reasoning was: we cannot see the door, so it must be on the other side. If the same question was asked of most other European or US children, where traffic drives on the opposite side of the road, the answer may well have been:

‘The bus is travelling to the left’

From this we can see that our experiences in life can affect our perception when we consider ‘clues’ in a complex situation.

Our knowledge-base, values and beliefs, intuition and professional relationships inform our experiences and alter our ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Your task

Identify influences on your own approaches and decision-making during a consultation.

We encourage you to record your thinking in your portfolio or reflective log, as discussed in the step on Capturing your thinking.

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