ProM lite information

The previous lectures helped you to find, download, install and run ProM lite for the first time. However, it might be that you want some more information. Therefore, the following links might be of help.

Note that the material linked to below does not belong to the core of this course and is not mandatory. It might however provide more information for those that are looking for it.

  1. ProM main website
  2. Getting started
  3. ProM tutorial
  4. ProM exercises
  5. Troubleshooting (in case of issues)
  6. ProM forum for technical questions (and answers!)
  7. Plug-in documentation

For those interested in contributing to the development of ProM plug-ins, the following links might be of interest:

  1. ProM newsletters
  2. ProM development website
  3. How to contribute
  4. Getting started
  5. How to create plug-ins in ProM
  6. ProM forum for technical questions (and answers!)

Note that during this course everything will be explained in enough detail to be able to execute a full process mining, from start to end, using ProM.

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