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Pointers to process mining case studies

As mentioned in the lecture many process mining case studies are available. Here we list some, if you know of others, please mention them in the comments!

  1. The yearly BPI Challenge provides a public data set to be analysed. Once the winner is known, the submitted reports are also made public. Here is a list of the BPI Challenges held so far: * BPI Challenge 2011 * BPI Challenge 2012 * BPI Challenge 2013 * BPI Challenge 2014 * BPI Challenge 2015 * BPI Challenge 2016 * BPI Challenge 2017 * BPI Challenge 2018 * BPI Challenge 2019 * BPI Challenge 2020
  2. The website of the IEEE Task force on process mining also lists several case studies.
  3. Several process mining case studies specifically for health care are also available.

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