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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds Hello, and welcome to the first animation in our series. During this case study we will follow several characters throughout their tendering process. There will be a number of tasks for you to complete along the way so don’t forget to comment and discuss your ideas with other learners in the comments section below. This time, our case study starts in Tokyo, Japan. Our client Kaito Takahashi runs a successful hospitality business, owning a number of hotels in the area and he is currently looking at building another.

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 seconds Come in. Excuse me, Mr. Kaito. Thank you for coming Haruki please take a seat. I’ve been thinking for a while now that Tokyo might not be the best location to build another hotel. The earthquake safety standards are getting too strict. It would cost me a fortune to make sure a new building is in compliance. That might not be such a bad idea, after all you do own several hotels in Tokyo alone, you would be wise to diversify. What location do you have in mind? There are four locations that I am considering. First there is Istanbul in Turkey, Riga in Latvia, Busan in South Korea and Vancouver in Canada.

Skip to 1 minute and 26 seconds I am also open to consider a fifth location as long as the pitch is exceptional. Haruki, could you contact a representative from each city and ask them to prepare a pitch as to why I should build my hotel there? Yes of course. I’ll get back to you when I hear from them. Pardon me. While Kaito waits to hear back from the representatives, what should he be thinking about when appointing contractors? Can you think of a handful of questions to help him pre-qualify suitable contractors to carry out the construction works?

Pitch to Kaito

The video gave a good outline of what Kaito needs from his next hotel and left an open spot for one more pitch.

They already have pitches for Istanbul, Riga, Busan and Vancouver so what other cities could compete?

Your task

Using the information in the video create a pitch for Kaito for a city of your choice.

Once you have created your pitch upload it to one of your Pitch Walls on Padlet.

Pitch to Kaito Wall One

Pitch to Kaito Wall Two

Pitch to Kaito Wall Three

Pitch to Kaito Wall Four

You’ll find the pitches for the other cities already there and once you have uploaded yours, look at as many other pitches as possible from all of the walls, and up-vote your favourites. You should include the pitches from the video in your review as it will help you in making your own.

Your pitches can be added to any of the four walls so remember to have a look at all of them to find a space for your pitch and to vote for your favourites.

The pitch with the most votes from all the pitches on the Pitch Walls, including the pitches from the video, will win the tender.

Good luck!

Please remember to:

• add a short description to briefly explain your rationale and how this informs your practice

• have a look at the contributions of your colleagues and post any comments if you wish to

• ensure that any material you share respects both copyright and the wider audience

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