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What is procurement and how is the right method selected?

Construction procurement is the organisational framework by which projects are realised. The acquisition of the most appropriate procurement route is a decision for the client.

The project team should consider the procurement route as early as possible in the project’s life (under the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, procurement is not identified as a distinctive stage in its own right, and it is recommended that it occurs at an appropriate project point between Stage 2 Concept design and Stage 4 Technical design).

The project team must consider the procurement route no later than at this stage of the project:

Image of project stages including: inception, feasibility, conceptual, detailed, procurement, pre-construction, construction, services commissioning, and post construction

The diagram showing where procurement fits within the project stages from inception to post construction is expandable

Procurement is concerned with securing the means by which a project is delivered. Specifically for construction projects like Kaito’s, procurement is about obtaining services for the design, construction and facilities management of the building, or indeed for a combination of these.

There are a variety of ‘services’ which can be procured on a construction project, including for the following:

Syndicate to head up the project:

  • ie sourcing partnering arrangements to deliver the scheme
  • ie providing finance, design, construct, operate, maintain or combinations

Construction advisors:

  • To give early strategic advice, focused on briefing, design, cost
  • Client’s design advisor
  • To project manage the scheme
  • To give site acquisition advice
  • Legal representation
  • Client’s design advisor

Project designers, including:

  • BIM specialists
  • Design teams
  • Landscape architects
  • Engineers
  • Other design specialists

Contracting organisations, who may undertake:

  • Construction only
  • Construction management
  • Design and build
  • Specialist work (subcontractors) for design only or design and supply

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