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Other procurement routes

The National Construction Contracts and Law Report 2018 survey has indicated the following procurement methods are in use in the construction industry:

The procurement method frequency graph shows traditional procurement at 46%, design and build at 41%, partnering or alliancing at 3%, construction management at 3%, contractor approved without any tender process at 2%, measured term at 1%, private finance initiative (PFI)/public private partnership (PPP) at 1%, cost plus at 1%, and management contracting at 1%

*The procurement method frequency graph is also available in the ‘downloads’ section below

The survey indicates that traditional procurement and design and build procurement account for 87% of procurement choices on projects and there are only six other procurement routes mentioned (excluding ‘contractor approved without any tender process’), and these routes score very low in use.

Your task

Make your own notes from watching the following video on procurement choices:

6:05 minutes onwards covers partnering and alliancing:

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

If you are unable to watch the video for any reason, a text alternative is available from Designing Buildings Wiki.

Raise any issue you have on this procurement choice with fellow learners in the comments.


RIBA Enterprises (2018) National Construction Contracts and Law Report 2018 [online] Newcastle: NBS. available from https://www.thenbs.com/knowledge/national-construction-contracts-and-law-report-2018 [8 July 2019]

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