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Review of the week

We hope you have enjoyed this look at tender strategies.

This week we have examined:

  • Tendering activities including preliminary tender enquiry stage, invitation to tender, tender assessment and contract award
  • Tendering strategies including single-stage selective tendering, two-stage selective tendering, negotiated tendering and open tendering

Next week we’ll move on to Short Course 2: Pre-Contract Cost Management.

Your task

Before you reflect on the knowledge you have gained through this short course, we want to give you a chance to test your knowledge against an industry expert. Answer the following questions before moving on to the next step:

  • Could you give us a definition of procurement?
  • Which procurement routes do you use? And which do you use the most?
  • Who makes the procurement route decision, you or the client?
  • What tendering methods do you use?

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Procurement Strategies and Tendering

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