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Young agents looking at a property noticeboard.
Enticing housing prices

What is the property cycle?

Is there a “better” time to buy property (including land)?

What is meant by property cycle?

The property cycle tries to illustrate possible high and low points in the property market which may represent times to consider selling or buying respectively.

Watch Daniel Lamanna explain six common market activity types relevant to the property cycle. Daniel is an experienced and well-respected estate agent, with 20 years of real estate experience, and 10 of those being as the Director of a real estate franchise.

Read Understanding the property cycle when buying to develop a better understanding of the terms used to describe various phases of the property cycle.

Unfortunately, nobody rings a bell when we are at the bottom of the property market or at the top of the property market. Additionally, not every market area or city work together in unison. Have a look at Understanding the property cycle that highlights why it is difficult to forecast property prices.

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