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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds Last week, the first question explored was whether house prices always rise. Unfortunately, they may not always rise. And in some countries, they might even go down. We spoke about the impact inflation has and that nominal price increases are reduced by inflation, to come up with real price increases. How is your professional glossary coming along? Have you been able to add more terminology to your list? Did you learn anything new about the profession when you listened to Rupert Grayston? Then we briefly looked at the effect of interest rates and how paying interest has an effect on overall wealth gains. This week we explore the land component of property and what characteristics ought to be considered when valuing a property.

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 seconds Some of the factors that might influence the value of land

Skip to 0 minutes and 58 seconds enormously include: zoning regulations, land size, demographics, proximity to schools, proximity to shops, proximity to transport, slope, soil classification, state and federal legislation and regulations including land tax, first home owner’s grant, and finally, easements created by statutory authorities. Some of these, like zoning restrictions, can affect land prices enormously in either direction depending on the benefit or otherwise of the zoning. And it is very likely that if these elements influence land values, they will affect property values since land is the basic resource.

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A number of contextual factors influence the value of land, which in turn, influences the value of property. At the beginning of this course, we asked; what gives property its value? So far, we can see it is a complex question as we started looking at the contextual factors that influence the value of land. However, estimating future value of land requires a critical consideration of many more factors that we will examine in later courses.

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Reflect on the content covered and identify any areas where you need to focus more time. Find resources that may help to answer some of your outstanding questions. You may want to access Georgia Appraiser to help clarify some of the concepts covered.

Share your resources in the comments section and share your resource/s with your peers. Describe the resource and explain how it has helped you grasp the material.

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