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Analysing market statistics

Playing the property market

In recent years in many countries property values have climbed each year. Analysts say it hasn’t finished yet.

Many factors affect the property market and the prices paid for various properties. Not all properties will attract the same level of market interest, so they will not necessarily create the same level of wealth. However, if selected wisely, investment in the property market can provide very useful opportunities to create wealth.

It is relatively easy to predict the effect that some factors will have on some property prices. Increased population and more jobs for example, will generally have a more positive affect on property prices. The same is true for lower interest rates.

Your task

Read the How house prices will perform in 2017: property article, made available with permission – “Fairfax Syndication” Source – ProQuest. This article looks at how house prices are predicted to perform in 2017.

Having read the article, consider how residential property prices will perform in your city by the end of 2017. What about 2018 and 2019?

  • If you owned a $1 million house in Sydney and property prices climbed by 6.7% over the next four years – what would be its approximate value?

  • Can you identify a similar report for your country? Share its link with the other participants.

Add your thoughts in the Comments area. Look through the comments made by students you are “Follow”ing.


Sui-Lin, T 2016, ‘How house prices will perform in 2017: property’, The Australian Financial Review, 28 December, p 6, retrieved 17 April 2017,

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