Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsThere are many uses of land, from residential to agricultural and industrial. Land use is administered by various government agencies and directed by zoning regulations. These uses which are influenced in part by the characteristics of the land also influence the value of the land. These are some of the areas we will investigate this week. A large component of time this week will be spent on understanding how to determine and then gather critical data about a selected property or land to help you make well-informed property investment decisions. We then have a brief introduction to the property cycle and how you could determine where within the property cycle a particular area is.

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Welcome to week 2 of What Influences Property Value

In this video Bill sets out what you can expect this week.

In week 2 of this course, we will examine various uses of land, how they are influenced by different agencies, and how in turn, that influences property value. We will explore the concept of property cycle. Also, we will discuss if investing in houses is better than investing in units.

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“What gives land its value”?

Post your question in the Comments area. Read what other students have posted, and “Like” the questions you would also like answered. Near the end of week 2, we will go through the more popular questions, and if they will not be answered later in the course, it may be answered here.

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