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Ethics, societies and global health during COVID-19

In this final detailed step before we begin recapping our learning, we will refer back to multiple threads of our stories as we look at ethics, societies, and global health systems.

In this video, Dr. Venkatapuram explores the ethics of our response to COVID-19, as well as the role of governments, societies, and global health systems.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

Download Transcript of Sridhar Venkatapuram on Ethics (right click or tap/hold and open in new tab)

The video raises issues at a societal level, which can feel removed from people’s everyday experiences. However, during times like this, transparency and scrutiny of national and international efforts are vital to learn and improve our societies.

Hopefully you can see how the issues affecting individuals have been translated into broader considerations and groups that contribute to this societal level.

  • Susan’s story featured her experience of racism, which contributed to her distress. We have seen how many groups can be affected differently by COVID-19, impacting their mental health and well-being.

  • Kevin and Carol’s stories provided insight into the lives of healthcare workers and service users, while we looked at other patient groups too. Their experiences and well-being were shaped by the impact on healthcare workers, services, and systems, which directly relate to societal influences.

  • All of our personal stories illustrated key experiences in the workplace and raise the potential role of teams, businesses, and the workplace more broadly in supporting psychological health as part of responding to COVID-19.

Viewing these stories together emphasises the importance of considering the psychological impact on individuals, communities, and organisations.

Consistent and collaborative efforts to address societies’ mental health needs are required. These must involve health, social care, and emergency services, as well as businesses and workplaces, supported by governments and the scientific community.

The impact and response to COVID-19 and mental health needs at a societal and international level are highly complex. If you would like to think and learn more about this, please get involved in the discussion below!

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