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Learning with us - Week 2

This week will focus on part 2 of the course syllabus - steps to take to cope with COVID-19. The learning will focus on managing mental health during COVID-19, including emerging evidence, existing knowledge and practical strategies.

Key content

Week 2’s structure mirrors Week 1, with a focus on individuals in different contexts, certain groups of people, and systems and organisations. We hope this allows you to build on and apply the knowledge you gained last week to the contexts that interest you most.

Where evidence exists, content is based on this, and where evidence is still emerging, we state this and encourage debate and discussion around steps we can take to manage.

Learning activities

This week consists of a variety of interactive steps, including videos, case studies, articles, discussions, and polls.

We will continue to hear from Kevin, Carol, and Susan, and we’re excited for you to hear more about how their experiences are developing, and some of the ways they are now coping.

We remain very interested in your own experiences, which we again encourage you to share through conversation on our discussion threads and polls.

Considerate conversation

We provided some guidance at the start of Week 1, but to recap the key messages:

  • Almost every step has space for conversation and debate in the comments area.
  • We have included regular prompts for discussions, but do contribute as and when you feel comfortable.
  • FutureLearn has guidance on social learning and a Code of Conduct, including using the flag button for inappropriate comments.

Course purpose

  • This course aims to be an educational resource for personal use only.
  • This course should not replace professional advice from registered health professionals.
  • We cover emotive topics and challenging content, please be aware of how this may affect you.
  • Please work through at your own speed and take breaks as you need.

Enjoy Week 2!

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