Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsALEX MOLD: Welcome to Week 1. In our first week, we will help you form a picture of what public health in Britain looked like in the post-war period. We will begin by defining what public health meant in post-war Britain, consider how public health services were structured, and see who was responsible for guaranteeing public health, noting changes and continuities over time. Our first activity will explore what public health meant in post-war Britain, highlighting some of the different ways in which public health was defined, and how public health structures, organisations, challenges, and solutions figured in these definitions. We will then focus on how public health services were organised, and how and why these structures changed over time.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 secondsFinally, we will consider who is responsible for public health, including statutory and voluntary organisations, private companies, and individuals themselves. We are eager to get started, and hope you are, too.

Welcome to Week 1

In the first Week of our course we will learn what public health in post-war Britain looked like. Using knowledge from the past can better enable us to understand where there were successes and failures in public health, and how to learn and grow from these in the future.

What will we learn?

In our Week 1 activities we will:

  • Provide explanations for how the definition of ‘public health’ in post-war Britain changed over time
  • Explore the different public health services and how they were structured
  • Discuss how the responsibility for public health shifted between different actors

At the end of the week we will collate key themes and questions from your conversations in a summary document added to Step 1.15.

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A History of Public Health in Post-War Britain

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