Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsSUZANNE TAYLOR: Welcome to week 2, where we will look at the changing nature of challenges to public health. Our first activity will provide an overview of key challenges facing public health in Britain in the post-war period, and we will consider how these differed to those faced by public health in the 19th century. Next, through a focus on heart disease as well as smoking and lung cancer, we'll examine the challenges posed by chronic disease and how public health responded. Our third activity concentrates on how public health dealt with infectious disease.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 secondsBy looking at food hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and vaccination, we will consider why infectious disease continued to pose a threat to public health, how significant was this threat, and how public health responded. Finally, we'll examine the impact of social inequality on public health. We will discuss the extent to which environmental and social factors helped to generate public health challenges, and we will also think about the ongoing political and practical issues that surround health equalities. We hope you enjoy the week and strongly encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and reflections in the comments area of each step.

Welcome to Week 2

Welcome to Week 2. Last week we gathered a basic understanding of the different definitions of public health, how services were structured and who the main actors were. This week discusses the main challenges faced by public health in the post-war period.

What will we learn?

Activities in our second Week will focus on:

  • Understanding the epidemiological transition and the challenges it poses to public health
  • Exploring the emergence of non-communicable diseases such as cancer and heart disease
  • Considering the challenges posed by infectious diseases, and the introduction of vaccines to combat them
  • Discussing the importance of inequalities on health outcomes

As with the first week, we would like to continue to encourage you to share your thoughts in the Comments area of each Step. At the end of the week, a summary document will be added to Step 2.15.

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