Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsALEX MOLD: Welcome to week 3 of the course. We have now learned what was meant by public health, how it was structured, and the changing nature of the challenges it faced. In this final week, we will consider some of the solutions put forward to meet these challenges, including behavioural change, health education, and regulation. To end the course, we will highlight the changes and continuities in public health in Britain over the last 70 years and discuss the implications for the future. Our first activity will look at how public health researches and policymakers came up with solutions to public health problems.

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 secondsThe shift from an emphasis on environmental factors and technical solutions to a desire to change individual behaviour will be discussed, along with some of the problems that came with such an approach. The second activity will outline how health education dealt with these public health challenges, including campaigns which utilised techniques such as shock and fear or humour in order to connect with the public. We will also consider how successful these approaches were. Our third activity will examine how regulation is used to deal with public health challenges. We will examine which problems were dealt with through regulation, the different types of regulation, and its effectiveness.

Skip to 1 minute and 21 secondsFinally, we will end this week and the course with a discussion around what changes in continuities there have been in public health in Britain over the last 70 years. We will conclude by considering what lessons we can draw from the recent history of public health in Britain for public health today. We hope you enjoy our final week together. Please do continue to share your experiences and interact with your peers in the comments area of each step.

Welcome to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3. We have now examined the challenges faced by public health in the post-war period, and this week we will look at the solutions offered and implications for the future of public health.

What will we learn?

In this week’s activities we will:

  • Show the role education played in dealing with public health challenges
  • Explore the use of regulation as a tool for improved health behaviours
  • Discuss the changes and continuities in public health in Britain over the last 70 years

This week there will be many discussions and opportunities to share your thoughts and interact with other learners in the Comments section of each step. A summary document will be added to Step 3.13 for further clarifications.

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