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Values and motivations

Now that you’ve reflected on your personality, let’s dig a bit deeper into your values and motivations.

You’ll remember from Week 1 that we got you to think about what motivated you about pursuing a career abroad. However, what do we mean by values and motivations?

Put simply, values are the things that are important and meaningful to you, and your motivations are what energises or drive you. Values and motivations combine to guide how you think, feel and behave.

Ultimately, you’re likely to be happier in your personal and professional life if your values and motivations align to your job and organisation. Understanding your values and motivations are, therefore, an important aspect of helping you to make more informed decisions about your future career. Reflecting on your values and motivations is a great starting point if you’re still not sure about your career options.

Reflecting on your values and motivations is also a worthwhile exercise even if you’re certain of your future career path, as it can help you choose the right role at the right organisation.

It’s important to note that, throughout your life, your circumstances and experiences are likely to shape your thinking around what’s important to you and what you enjoy doing. Life events such as starting a family, or experience gained through a previous job, can clarify your thinking and priorities.

In essence, your motivations are driven by your values. Having a clear understanding of your values and motivations not only helps you with defining your career path but also during the application process when you’ll be expected to articulate why you want a particular job at a particular organisation (something we’ll cover in more detail in Short Course 3 of this program).

Your task

Work through the work values checklist published on the recruitment website, Monster. It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and is approached from an American perspective, although these values can be applied in a global context.

Next, consider the following questions:

  • What were the most important values to you and why?
  • How does this align to the motivations you identified for pursuing a career abroad in Week 1?

Record your reflections in your learning log and, in the comments area, share and explain an example of one of your top values.

Further reading

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