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This content is taken from the Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona & Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona's online course, Understanding Ramon Llull: ​Philosophy, Arts and Science through the Ars Combinatoria. Join the course to learn more.

Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds“Science has no other enemy than the ignorant”. This sentence by Ramon Llull perfectly sums up his thinking. Llull was not afraid, he was not afraid of knowledge,

Skip to 0 minutes and 23 secondshe was not afraid of trying to unite the different religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim... but neither of trying to unite or connect the sciences of his time, physics, medicine, logic... with the dogmas of the faith. Therefore, this is a good conclusion for a course that aims to show the universality of this huge personality, with a deep and, at the same time, valiant and subtle mind. Thank you for attending this course. I hope that the various knowledge of Llull goes with you, and that you can look in greater depth at some of his books and, above all, that you can talk about it among yourselves and with others.


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