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Let’s explore our learning philosophy and how you can make the most of this course.

At Griffith University, our aim is to challenge you with new and interesting ideas and encourage you to connect and engage with other learners and educators. For the best learning experience, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Get involved

Participating in the set tasks is critical to getting the most out of this course. Our courses are pitched at adult learners from around the globe who, like you, have diverse work, life and study experiences. One of the most important ways to optimise your learning is to connect, respond and engage in topic-related conversations with other participants.

Be mindful of others

Sometimes we will ask you to share personal opinions or experiences that may be sensitive or controversial in nature. In such situations, you should only share your thoughts if you’re comfortable doing so.

While we encourage robust debate, we also ask you to observe the FutureLearn Code of Conduct and be respectful of other participants and their individual points of view.

The 3Cs

In engaging with other learners, remember to use the 3Cs:

  • Curious - ask questions, seek clarification, be open to others’ differences
  • Constructive - build on other learners’ ideas, arguments or experiences
  • Compassionate - be kind and respectful towards others.

Your task

Select the comments link below and tell us about your experience with online learning. If you’re new to FutureLearn, feel free to ask a question. Or, if you have studied here before, please share your advice on getting the most out of online learning.

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