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Rethinking Universality

Rethinking Universality

“[..] Nevertheless, it is mainly about religious pluralism, and not plurality, that we talk about nowadays. This expression refers not only to the description of a fact, but also to the solution of the problem this fact presents us with. Indeed, this expression does not merely foreground the fact that many religious cults coexist side by side within the same environment and, therefore, that it is necessary to peacefully manage their coexistence. Rather, the use to which the term “pluralism” is put seems to indicate that plurality in religious experience is a good thing, that it might be seen as the solution of the conflicts arising nowadays precisely because of the simultaneous presence of many religions within the same territory.” (A.Fabris)

Do you agree with the idea of ‘Welcoming Church’? Do you also think that an ‘open Church’ can help us to define the identity of our contemporary religious communities? Read the article “Rethinking Universality” and share your ideas in the discussion area.

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