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Reviewing learning outcomes

Welcome to the final step of week 3 and the final step of the course!

Let’s take this opportunity to review the course learning outcomes. By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Describe different models for remote consultation.
  2. Describe the concept of triage within a remote consultation.
  3. Identify and assess the potential risks with remote consultations.
  4. Explain how to obtain basic observations during a remote consultation.
  5. Apply risk stratification tools to remote consultations.
  6. Assess safeguarding risks within a remote consultation.
  7. Identify potential red flags including those for sepsis.
  8. Describe how to close the consultation using the Neighbour model as a framework.
  9. Identify appropriate safety netting.
  10. Describe how to document the consultation appropriately.

Take some time now to check your progress against these learning outcomes. You may wish to go back and review some of the learning again.

Well done for making it through to the end. We hope that you have taken lots of helpful information and resources from the course to support you in your remote consultations.

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Conducting Remote Consultations and Triage

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