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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds In this scenario, imagine yourself as a business consultant. Eddington University have asked you to look into their accommodation offering in order to suggest improvements. This is an important and fun part of university for many people and it may be the first time that many young people have lived away from their parents. In the UK many students stay in university accommodation often known as halls of residence, or just halls. Let’s hear from three students who give their views on the situation and consider how these might impact your decision as a consultant. We’re outside the cafeteria of Princes Hall in Eddington campus. Mikail Kaminski is a student here. Mikail, can you give us your views on the catering situation here at Eddington?

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 seconds Well, the food is okay but it’s a bit unhealthy, it’s just chips all of the time. What would be good is if there was a snack bar. Sometimes you want to grab a little something to eat after a lecture but the café’s closed and the bar should definitely be open during the week, especially on Wednesday because it’s sports society day and we play football then. Lucy is a sociology student at Eddington. Lucy, we’re stood on the steps of your lecture building, how easy is it for you to get here to study?

Skip to 1 minute and 29 seconds We are quite far from the uni so it would be good if we could get a shuttle bus back to the halls from the library at night, just because I don’t like walking all that way in the dark. There’s a bus in the day that takes ages to get to the uni so I’m always late, or even missing my classes. The pub outside gets quite noisy on certain nights so it can be difficult to sleep sometimes. This impacts on the next day when you have a day full of lectures and seminars. I’m joined by Hazel at another halls of residence on campus called Newark Point.

Skip to 1 minute and 59 seconds Hazel, can you share 00:02:01.900 –> 00:02:02.800 your insight into the facilities available here? Oh, erm what can I say about the facilities? The computers are pretty old, I think they need to bring it up to date a bit, especially for the sort of work we’re having to do. Erm, the gym’s pretty good but sometimes I want to go at night, could it not be open for 24 hours like some of the others I seen in the city. Er, well, I’ve got to say, the beds are pretty uncomfortable actually, they really need to look at replacing those too. Oh, and the shared bathrooms, well don’t get me started on those, they’re filthy.

Skip to 2 minutes and 38 seconds I come out feeling dirtier than when I went in. Now that you’ve heard the opinions of some of those at the university, how would look to improve the situation?

Work on a structured report

In this section, we will look at a report scenario based on university accommodation.

In the UK, students often live in university accommodation and share facilities such as a kitchen or bathroom.

In this scenario, you have been asked to write a brief report for the university based on a survey of university accommodation. First of all, you will need to watch the video above, which outlines the situation in the halls of residence at Eddington University. You will also need to examine the results of the survey, below.

Eddington University accommodation survey

This is what students have to say about different aspects of their accommodation:


  • ‘The food’s okay but it’s a bit unhealthy. Chips all the time!’
  • ‘It would be good if there was a snack bar. Sometimes you want something to eat after a lecture, but the cafe is closed.’
  • ‘The bar should open during the week. Especially on Wednesday because we play sports then.’


  • ‘We are quite far from the uni so it would be good if we could get a shuttle bus back to halls at night from the library.’
  • ‘The pub outside gets quite noisy so it can be tricky to sleep sometimes.’
  • ‘The bus in the day takes ages to get to the uni, so I’m always missing my classes.’


  • ‘The computers are pretty old. I think they need bringing up to date a bit.’
  • ‘The gym’s pretty good but sometimes I want to go at night. Could it open 24 hours?’
  • ‘The beds are pretty uncomfortable. Could they be replaced?’
  • ‘The shared bathrooms can get pretty dirty.’

Your task

Use the discussion forum to talk about the main problems that students have with their accommodation as shown in the video and survey.

What solutions or advice would you give to the university to help it get better feedback from students in the future?

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