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Contemporary issues in the construction industry

The term ‘contemporary issue’ refers to an issue that is relevant to society and, as such, affects the people that live in that society. For instance, political or social issues can be classified as contemporary.

Within the construction industry are many contemporary issues. These can be separated into construction-specific issues, such as processes, innovation and materials, and social, political and resource issues in construction:

Processes, innovation and materials Social, political and resource issues
Site skill requirements Lack of qualified workers
Project complexity Socio-political pressures
New technologies Legal issues
Material safety Ethical concerns
Government standards Environmental concerns
Process improvement and automation  
Cost and contracts management  

Research plays a key part in the successful execution of construction projects by challenging these contemporary issues.

Your task

Can you find some examples that fit the categories listed in the table above? How could a construction project cost manager help address the issues you have identified?

Post at least one example and comment on examples shared by other learners.

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