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Summary of the week

You have come to the end of your first week of learning.

Before you move on to the second week, take a little time to review the topics we have covered so far and check through your notes and the discussions to see if everything is clear.

This week you have…

  • Shared your views on the meaning of contemporary issues in the construction industry
  • Explored the distinguishing factors in complex projects
  • Examined the role of construction cost management in construction projects
  • Reviewed the role of research in challenging contemporary issues
  • Identified different types of research questions and explored the importance of aligning your aim and objectives with your research questions

Next week you will explore research strategies, methodologies and methods used to conduct academic research in construction.

Your task

Take a moment to reflect on your learning in this first week of the course.

  • What have you found to be particularly good, useful or interesting this week?
  • What actions will you now take to learn more about these topics and put them into practice? What questions, if any, have arisen for you?

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