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Skip to 0 minutes and 24 seconds Now we turn to part five, real life examples. We may take sharing economy as an instance. Sharing economy is now developing very quickly everywhere in the world. As a result, sharing accommodation is also happening quickly as “fast track” everywhere ranging from a small village to major world cities. When travelling, people like to explore local way of living by staying with the local residents’ home for unique experiences. But the standardization of the sharing economy is yet not ready for such new type of the accommodation, which may pose all kinds of the potential risks for the host, guest and also local community. It is essential to address these questions from all stakeholders to ensure that the sustainable development of hospitality industry.

Skip to 1 minute and 27 seconds So just now by this case, some students did the brainstorming and think of three possible perspectives of the research. Some students think that we can study the information collection and reporting system of the sharing economy. And some of the groups believe that we can also try to understand the legal aspects in the sharing economy. Lastly, some of you may discuss the different levels of management and administrative measures needed to be taken in the way of developing sharing accommodation. These are all of the potential aspects we can develop for the case we mentioned just now.

Skip to 2 minutes and 20 seconds Based on the case we discussed before, now we have some homework for you. What do you think of the case we mentioned above? And what perspectives can be used to view the case just now? And what problems can you find out from the case we discussed just now?

Skip to 2 minutes and 44 seconds Please put forward a research question and decide which type of the research it is. Rethink is this a good research or a bad research and why. Does the research question conform to the three principles of the topic selection we mentioned in this chapter?

Skip to 3 minutes and 8 seconds So that’s all for Chapter One. Thanks for your listening. Look forward to your homework and also look forward to the next session of our research method study.

Real life examples

In this video, Dr. Liu, taking shared accommodation as an example, will lead you to learn how to find questions worthy of study in real life.

At present, sharing accommodation and sharing economy are the research fields that attract scholars’ attention. Have you paid attention to relevant information? Can you raise some questions worthy of study?

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