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Skip to 0 minutes and 24 seconds But how you can use that technology and try to establish your experimental research design to see the real situation and the real condition of the experience. The first one is video manipulation which means using a video to create a different kind of scenarios, and base on the video, then let people express their feeling. It means we gather data from that process. Usually you have experimental group and a control group together. One study done by doctor student in Oklahoma State University in 2017, she did a wonderful job by creating videos by herself to manipulate the study and actually she create the four conditions.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 seconds The four conditions have two variables actually it is combination of Preferential Treatment and Rule Knowledge of the things which will be produced. Each condition has a yes or no, which means existing or not existing. That’s comes up with a two times two, four different conditions for the study. Actually she produced the four videos, each video represents one of the conditions. For example, first one, no preferred treatment and no rule, the second no preferred treatment in the rule, yes rule knowledge, and number three has a yes for prefer treatment and no for rule knowledge, and last one both are yes which means yes for preferred treatment and yes for rule knowledge. That comes up four different kinds of videos.

Skip to 2 minutes and 12 seconds That study actually was a very good study, it is one of the best one regarding as using the video experiment of my students. I just briefly introduce, and just give you introduction about how that student did that study. It means that she created four videos, each video representing one condition. Okay. So then she asked participants to view the version of video, then complete a questionnaire survey. That’s the two combination together, experiment plus self-report. The self-report is based on the video people saw. For example, the first thing is the introduction part, when you start video study, you should say we are working with a well-known hotel chain to help provide insights into customer service encounters.

Skip to 3 minutes and 10 seconds In this research, we would like you to imagine it, you are a customer of the hotel chain, you stayed there in the past and have been satisfied. Today, you visit this hotel for a two-night stay to enjoy vacation with your friends. Your friends have not arrived yet, so you carry your luggage into the hotel and join the waiting line to check in. Now please click the button, which means the video actually randomly assigned to people. The randomly assigned to each people for that one. After watching the video, we give them a questionnaire. So the participants based on the video content, they answer the questions for different constraints, which as list on this model.

Skip to 4 minutes and 1 second This example, how you use the video experimental study to conduct study is particular for the study in the hotel area.

Video experiment

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