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Checklist: do you know exactly what you are getting into?

Before undertaking a research project, it is vital that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Consider these questions, and try to make sure you have answers to all of them so that you know exactly what the requirements, timelines and limitations of your project are. Is there an associated marking scheme?

This table is available to download in either Microsoft Word or PDF formats from the bottom of the page. You may find it useful to use this document to start off a learning / research log.

What is the format you will present your research in? e.g. report / essay / oral presentation / other  
If written, what is the maximum and minimum word count?  
What will be your final deadline for completion?  
Are there any interim deadlines? If so, what are they?  
How will the project be assessed (e.g. do you need to keep a learning log as well as present the final essay)? What must you make sure you do to meet these objectives?  
What sort of time commitment do you need to make to complete this project?  
What resources are you likely to need to undertake and complete this project?  
Is there any support available (e.g. financial help for resources, staff time)?  
What skills do you expect to develop by undertaking this project?  
What do you hope to achieve by the end of the project?  

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