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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds My area of research at the moment is how virtual reality can be used for making behavioural changes. And there are a lot of applications available which is under researched, and I’m just trying to extend and add on to that research, to the apps, hardwares available that can be integrated with the softwares like mobile VR or when in a clinical VR scenario where a patient or a person can undergo certain doses or exposure to the VR methods that could be changing the neural network and that can eventually become a habit. So my area of research is in learning analytics, which is all about information to do with the student learning experience. My research is broadly is women in science, technology, mathematics.

Skip to 1 minute and 7 seconds And specifically, I’m talking about a new approach where we need to attract more women to engineering field. So I’m looking at– I’m taking sustainability as a strategy to invite more women in engineering. My research is on data analysis in breast cancer patient data for predictive and decision making purpose, especially for early diagnosis and treatment and some other aspects. So I did my research in chemistry, specifically looking at how bacteria replicate their DNA, the enzymes that they use to do that. And I used x-ray and neutron radiation to study the structure and the dynamics of these enzymes. My research was in creative arts, specifically in painting.

Skip to 2 minutes and 3 seconds So it was a professional doctorate, which is slightly different to a PhD in that half of the volume of work, I guess, was a major exhibition of paintings. And the thesis function was more like an exegesis of the work. So looking at different contexts for the work. Well, a literature review basically formed the bulk of the introduction chapter of my thesis. So aside from the bits where I explain what the thesis is about and what I did, most of that introduction was a literature review really.

Skip to 2 minutes and 46 seconds A literature review is a very important aspect of your research because it allows you to understand what are the currently available researches in that area and what aspect of your topic they have researched so there is no duplication. And also we can stand on the shoulder of giants, those have already done a lot of research and continue and extend our research based on what they have deflected and what they have included in their research that allows us to speed up and not to do duplications.

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