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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds Hi again. Welcome to Week 2. So now that you’ve got a bit of a better idea of what a literature review is, it’s time to start making one. We’ll start the process by just making a basic bibliography. And then we’ll talk a bit about referencing styles and which referencing style you need to be using. And then we’ll get into annotating your bibliography. That’s not just summarising what other people have written, but critically evaluating it. And then we’ll go into a more systematic approach to critically compare different sources on the same topic. And there’ll be an assignment this week, too.

Skip to 0 minutes and 55 seconds And it’s going to ask you to submit a recording of yourself talking about what you’ve been reading and giving us a sense of what you think about what you’ve been reading. Let’s get into it. [BUZZING SOUND]

Preview of Week 2

“I had no illusion that this project could approach comprehensiveness, and luckily my adviser didn’t either” (Crawford 2011)

This week we start gathering lots of publications, and continue discussion of some common problems that come up when reviewing literature, and ways to avoid them. One mentioned last week is trying to ‘cover everything’. Some reviews need to be comprehensive, but most need to be very narrowly focused – careful selection of sources demonstrates critical thinking as much as what is said about the sources included in the review.

Doing any kind of literature review these days is a confrontation with an enormous amount of potential reading material. The researcher’s dilemma in this age of the Internet is not so much how to find information as how to manage the tsunami of it that comes flooding your way when you start searching terms online. So as you play with search terms and search tools, you need ways to help you manage your rapidly growing collection of readings.

Conversation starter

  • Are you finding too little or too much information on your topic?
  • Do you use bibliographic software? Why/why not?

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